Our Story & Experiences

Langlinx China was founded by long-term employees and colleagues from Oracle and Sun Microsystems - global IT companies. LangLinx site leaders were working within the translation departments and leverage from the long experiences in globalization services for corporate clients.

LangLinx experience and collaboration history and market presence, however, dates back to 2009.

The LangLanglix venture and expertise leverages from the Sun Microsystems footprint, systems and processes to be able to offer a complete scope of language solutions to their corporate clients. Since each of the founding members we were working in the Globalization they have brought the vast scope of experiences with the globalization services an outcome of this venture LangLinx is that we can offer high-quality services at the lower cost while leveraging from the global synergy of Sun globalization centers.

From the very beginning of our business activities, we have focused on delivering complex solutions mainly in the area of highly technical and structured documentation, software localization and other digital content formats. LangLinx has a common L10n production center and document production department (computer lab and DTP office), we do full pre-processing & post-processing of documents and software on various SW platforms. We also support all types of technical documentation, with graphics that mirror the quality of the source.

FaLang translation system by Faboba