Scope of Services

 Translation Services

EMEA languages, User Guides, Online Help Documents, Technical Docs, Software translations, Linguistic Quality Metrics Reporting (LISA standard), Linguistic Review, Technical Review, Issue tracking system, Machine Translation, Website Localizations, Multimedia Translations, Technical Translations.

Project Management

Globalization (G11n), Internationalization (I18n), Localization (L10n), Translation (T9n), Project Management on ]Project Open[, Workflow Management.

Subtitled Video Localization

Subtitles for an English video (e.g. from Youtube) so they can be published in China and around the globe.

Technical Writting & Document Engineering (per indrustry standard ASD S1000D)

Document Production Department, Pre-processing, Post-processing translations, Many DTP SW formats, InDesign, Frame Maker, QuarkXPress, Page Maker.

Global Web Projects and Engineering

Global and G11n Internet solutions, web applications, web administration and design.

 Multimedia Localization Services

Computer and web-based training, video programs, Flash animation and gaming including voice-over (VO) recording, video subtitling, closed-captioning, audio engineering, graphic editing, video editing, post-production and DVD globalization.

 Interpreting Services

Informative interpreting, Consecutive interpreting, Conference interpreting, Simultaneous interpreting, Court interpreting.

 Corporate Language and Content Management Consulting

Deployment of CAT tools and Translation Memory (TM) Management.

 SW L10n Testing & QA testig

Language Quality Assessment (LQA), Linguistic Testing (LISA scores), Functional Testing, Cosmetic testing, Internationalization (I18N) Testing, Test Automation, Quality Metrics Reporting.

 Translation Proofreading

Quality Assessment (LQA), Quality Metrics Reporting.

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